Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pumpernickel Loaves - TWD: Baking with Julia

Tuesdays with Dorie: Baking with Julia - 44th installment. The recipe is Pumpernickel Loaves.
I really liked this recipe and would definitely make it again.  The recipe went on for pages, but it really wasn't that complicated. I was glad it wasn't a multi-day process like many of the other recipes - it was great to start at midday and be done by evening. 

The recipe calls for the final rise before baking to be done in a sling made from a dish towel with holes punched in its corners, plus an S hook. I initially thought I would skip that, but then slowed down and read the suggestion to just tie opposite corners of the towel together, so I did that, and hung the slings on a doorknob.  I'm not sure whether it affected the final result, but it was interesting :-)
The flavor of this bread is very authentic - maybe a result of the combination of chocolate, prunes, coffee and rye flour.  I made the prune lekvar from the book, since I didn't find any prune jam at the store - wow, the leftover has been delicious with yogurt or ricotta cheese ( and why do people dislike prunes?! :-) For the espresso powder, I used some Starbucks instant decaf French roast as well as a little bit of espresso powder.  Also used whole milk yogurt, as I thought that would likely help with the flavor.

The bread has also kept quite well - it's a few days since baking, and still very moist. Good for sandwiches, toast, and with soup!


  1. Great looking bread! It really was a good recipe. It seemed daunting, reading the instructions, but I found the video really helped me to understand it better. I'd make it again too. I am saving the second loaf for the holidays, to have with spinach dip. yum!
    Oh and that whole thing about putting a whole in dish towels was crazy. I tied knots in the ends and hung them. I couldn't imagine why she put holes in her towels!! And you just know Julia must have been thinking the same thing! ;)

  2. LOL! I loved the part of the video where Julia asks "do all your towels have holes in them?" I was thinking, Good grief - that's not necessary! Your loaves look beautiful.

  3. Perfect looking loaves! I think it is the word "prunes" that turn people off. Just not a very pretty sounding name. I wonder how people would respond if they were called what they are - dried plums. ;)

  4. I had the same thought as Margaret:"Holes? who needs them!"
    I was so glad I saw the video: the shaping description was a bit of a nightmare for me.
    But I really love its taste. Great bread!
    Your loaves looks fab!