Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chocolate Truffle Tartlets - TWD: Baking with Julia

Finished Tart

Tart being devoured - you can see the biscotti and chocolate chunks
This is the second installment of Tuesdays with Dorie:Baking with Julia. This recipe went according to the directions and wasn't too difficult.   I liked it, as I am a major chocolate fan, and my family liked it too.  I can see that my strategy to manage all this baking with my busy schedule is going to involve experimenting with advanced preparation of components of the recipes - I made the crust a couple of evenings ahead.

  • Since I have no tartlet pans, I made one large 10" tart.  The crust recipe noted that it would make six 5" tartlets or one 10" tart, and it worked well in the larger pan.  I wonder if it would work in a regular springform - I guess it wouldn't look as pretty as it does with the fluted edge of a tart pan.
  • I love recipes with make-ahead options, and was glad it said that crust dough could be stored in the fridge for three days.

Baked empty crust
    • Very rich filling!  The large tart definitely provided more than six servings - probably closer to 15!  Would the 4.5" tartlets each be a single serving?
    • Eight egg yolks - yow.  Definitely only for a special occasion.  I made meringues later in the week with a few of the leftover whites.
    • It's unusual to chop up cookies to put in a tart.  I had a bit of trouble finding simple plain biscotti (I wanted basic almond biscotti).  There seemed to be plenty of embellished biscotti available - espresso-whitechocolate-driedcranberry and the like :-)
    • I always feel a bit of anxiety when I read that the batter should form a ribbon - never quite sure what that should look like. These directions said that it should "form a slowly dissolving ribbon" which I thought was more descriptive than the usual ribbon instructions.
    'a slowly dissolving ribbon'


    1. Your large tart came out beautiful! This was really a delicious recipe...very rich and creamy. Glad you and your family enjoyed this.

    2. That looks gorgeous! I got impatient and didn't get to the right ribbon stage. Ah well.

    3. Thanks for stopping by, folks!

      I agree re: patience on the ribbon stage - it definitely took longer than I expected. I know I've had that with other recipes that require the ribbon texture.

    4. Like the big tart - it really gives you an idea of the gooey filling. Very nice!