Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hazelnut Biscotti - TWD: Baking with Julia

Tuesdays with Dorie: Baking with Julia - Eleventh Installment.  The recipe is Hazelnut Biscotti.

I love baking biscotti!  I feel like they are such a maximum payoff for minimum effort. Although it takes some time to manage the two stages of baking, the result always seems so special, compared to the easy preparation method.

Thank goodness for baking parchment - this was very sticky

I had made this recipe once when the series was on TV - I remember watching and being inspired to make them right away. This recipe delivered exactly as promised. The batter seemed sticky, but baked up just fine. The one twist on this recipe was the second baking on a wire rack.  No fussing with turning the biscotti over in the middle of baking.
First baking done, and one log cut up

I am just wrapping up an insane couple of months at work, and finally am free of the obligation to squeeze some work time into my evening, so I celebrated my liberation by enjoying this Independence Eve baking project for fun.  Biscotti in the morning tomorrow, with my coffee as I watch Wimbledon on my day off from work.  Yeah!


  1. Your biscotti look absolutely perfect!! So glad they were a hit for you! Enjoy them and your weekend!!

  2. The Biscotti look wonderful and I agree, this was an easy and wonderful recipe!

    Hope you are going to enjoy your day off with a good cup of coffee and some great tennis watching!

  3. Beautifully delicious!
    Hope you fully enjoyed your day off!

  4. Yeah for independence from working from home in the evenings! It sounds like you deserved one of these beautiful celebratory cookies.

  5. I agree they are easy to make. Hope you enjoyed your day off.