Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mocha Brownie Cake - TWD: Baking with Julia

Tuesdays with Dorie: Baking with Julia - 53rd installment. The recipe is Mocha Brownie Cake.
We all needed a chocolate fix, to help combat the feeling of endless winter (why was it still in the teens today?!), and this was just the thing.  It is very rich and densely chocolatey.  Everything went according to the recipe - I did bake it closer to the shorter time listed, to keep it more moist and brownie like.  It puffed up, and then collapsed a bit after cooling:
Puffed up right out of the oven...
Collapsed as it cooled

Interior surface after cutting the layers
It has a lot of chocolate - 12 oz. in the ganache alone.  This recipe needs a lot of time, with chilling the cake, cooling the ganache until it is the right consistency, and then chilling the assembled cake.  It's a good thing the directions call for the cake to chill before you cut it - it was challenging to cut in three equal layers, but the chilling firms it up and makes that easier.  It really was like a brownie in texture. The ganache could maybe be a bit stronger in coffee flavor to make it truly mocha.


  1. Beautiful cake! I rushed it a little and my first layer sort of fell apart. But who cares since it was on the bottom? Next time, I'll take your advice and chill longer.

  2. Your cake looks great!!
    Totally agree, chocolate is the best medicine again all troubles!!!

  3. Yum! Great job, Kathleen. :)

  4. Yes chocolate seems the panache to a number of things, long dreary winters included. Your cake looks great.

  5. Very nice. My cake had no noticeable mocha flavor at all.