Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cantuccini: TWD Baking with Julia

Tuesdays with Dorie: Baking with Julia - 55th installment. The recipe is Cantuccini.
Almond biscotti - can't get enough of them :-)  I didn't even have to shop to bake these -  I was able to make them with what I had on hand.   They were really easy, and I love the fact that the recipe made so many of them. I cut them to the 1/4" width recommended, which is on the thin side compared with some biscotti I have made. They are very crunchy, as described in the recipe - perfect for dipping in coffee or milk. 

Kneading the sticky dough on a board

I found the dough rather sticky to knead and shape.  After reading the P&Q on the TWD site,  I wondered if I should use two eggs instead of three eggs, but I stuck with the recipe and used three.  I used a lot of flour to knead and shape.  I'm not sure if it would help to use fewer eggs - maybe they wouldn't rise the same way.  I'm also not sure why the kneading had to be done on a board...maybe it folds air into them (?).

Logs after baking

The logs seemed a little flattish, but they sliced up and baked up nicely.  It was good advice to let the logs cool thorough, and it helps to use a serrated knife for slicing. 
Slices ready for second round of baking


  1. Beautiful! I've been eating these pretty much nonstop all week. I can't resist a good biscotti.

  2. This was an easy and tasty recipe! I only made a third of the recipe, wish I had more. :)

  3. they came out nicely! I liked their slimness....easier to munch on.