Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Marquise au Chocolat - TWD: Baking Chez Moi

Next installment of Tuesdays with Dorie, Baking Chez Moi.  The recipe is Marquise au Chocolat.
This is an extremely rich chocolate mousse, frozen in a loaf pan.  It was very quick to make and delicious.  The method was straightforward.  You do need to have eggs that you trust enough to eat raw, since they do not get cooked.  Melt chocolate and butter together, and then beat the eggs yolks with sugar until thick: 
Fold the chocolate into the egg mixture - you don't go crazy here, but just get it mostly combined:
Then you whip heavy cream with a bit more sugar, and fold that into the chocolate and egg mixture:
This step was a little challenging, as it didn't seem to want to blend, and I didn't want to knock all the air out of it.  Eventually it came together into a uniform color and texture:
The recipe calls for it to be packed into a large loaf pan lined with plastic wrap, and then frozen.  I knew I didn't have a crowd to eat it all at once, and I wanted more flexibility, so I divided it up among three mini loaf pans.  The recipe suggests some variations for making and serving, including putting crushed cookies into the mousse before freezing.  I made one loaf with Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies, which tasted great, but kind of fractured when we cut it.  Perhaps making the larger loaf is better, because the structure is less likely to fall apart.  
I would like to figure out how to get it to pack into the pan a little more smoothly.  The plastic wrap created some wrinkles and gaps that look a little messy.  
 I also made the suggested Hard-Crack Chocolate Sauce from the book - it is semisweet chocolate melted with a bit of coconut oil, so that the hot sauce hardens immediately when it hits the frozen dessert.

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  1. Great idea to add thin mints! The cookies and chocolate sauce must have made this over-the-top! Personally, I think the wrinkles in the final product, give it an artsy look. ;)